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Self Management Tool by Mary Essert, B.A. ATRIC
Format: Book on CD-ROM
Description: User friendly new information for persons who have Fibromyalgia and their health care and exercise providers?. , exercise program with photos, precautions, section of new research, comprehensive bibliography and resource list.
Price: $25.00, includes shipping and handling in USA
Add $7.00 for shipping outside the USA

Breast Cancer Recovery on Land and in Water by Naomi Aaronson, M.A., OTR/L, CHT, and Mary Essert, B.A. ATRIC (Aquatic Specialist)
Format: CD-ROM
Description: The introductory material includes the stages of breast cancer, various surgeries and anatomical structures, and local and systemic cancer treatments with special emphasis on Lymphedema advisories and risk reduction techniques. The exercises include an easy-to-follow detailed description as well as a video example, and highlight safe progression for both aquatic and land exercise. This is the first of its kind, a 4 CEC course for many organizations.
Price: With CECs: $57.95 + Shipping & Handling
Without CECs: $47.95 + Shipping & Handling

Breast Cancer Recovery Exercise Ancillary Product
Description: This non-CEC product is developed for breast cancer survivors to use on their home computer for personal exercise!
Price: $25.00
Note: For multiple orders and/or instructor price, contact FLS or (888) 221-1612



Post Polio Water Work
Format: DVD
Description: Mary Essert, B.A., ATRIC, Pioneer Aquatic Specialist and Vickie Ramsey, R.N., CPC, and a post polio survivor herself, present an effective program in warm water designed for post polio survivors, their families and health care providers.

Techniques for increased Range of Motion, Strength, Endurance and relaxation are clearly shown. This video was designed for persons who experience Post Polio Syndrome to be used as an aid to implement their own exercise program. The goal of this project is to give tools to maintain independence and function.

The DVD includes:
  • Easy to follow exercise
  • Hints for self care
  • Techniques to improve Quality of Life
  • A laminated exercise chart to take to the pool
Noted Primary Care Provider said:
"I think your program outline is superb. You provide a lot of content and leave room for discussion/explanation. It is clear and gives the information you want the audience to hear." - W.M. Wells, M.D.

Noted Physiatrist said;
"The information is just right; right amount of detail without bogging down." - Barry D. Baskin, M.D.

"The content is fine for exercises and information... stressing don't go to the point of full looks very nice, especially the emphasis on non-fatiguing exercises..." Kevin J. Collins, M.D., Rehabilitation Medicine Consultants of Arkansas,North Little Rock, Arkansas

This DVD was given a favorable review by The International Post-Polio Association.

Price: $27.95 + $5.00 Shipping & Handling

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